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My name is Narinda Sandry and I am one of the teachers in residence seconded to QM &S. Having mainly taught 3-8 year olds, I have worked in State Schools, C&K settings, at Griffith University in Early Childhood and Science courses and on projects writing science curriculum materials for the early years. No doubt you can guess my passions are science and the early years. In my role at the museum, I will constantly strive to unlock the wonderful resources in particular for younger learners and those entrusted to teach them. The Australian Curriculum: Science will be the key organising framework of my work, with special exhibitions and science events incorporated where relevant.

Message Sticks: rich ways of weaving Aboriginal cultures into the Australian Curriculum

In terms of classroom learning and the Australian Curriculum, the exploration of message sticks brings together history, science, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, literacy and art. Coupled with a trip to a museum and contact with a … Continue reading

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Reduce Reuse and Rethink: New QM Resource

                                                        Recycling and the Australian Curriculum Teaching is characteristically a time poor occupation and no more so than in the modern classroom. In our efforts to deliver the entire curriculum (in a perfect classroom with well-behaved children who attend school … Continue reading

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But I eat lots of carrots!

Did your mum ever tell you to eat lots of carrots because they would help you to see better in the dark? Whilst carrots and other orange and yellow fruits and vegetables will help to prevent certain eye ailments, to … Continue reading

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New Ways of Looking at Old Treasures

The recent opening of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition prompted delight on the faces of QM staff and the visiting public.  In addition to supervising the opening of the exhibition, British Museum expert Dr John Taylor identified a very significant old … Continue reading

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Incredible Insects: From the desk of Quentin the Quoll

To teach the Biological Sciences sub strand of the Australian Curriculum well, teachers need to feel fairly comfortable with living things. Of particular benefit is knowledge of insects, firstly because they are invertebrates and therefore don’t require the enormous screeds of paperwork for … Continue reading

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New Quoll on the block!

  2012 brings some new faces to Queensland Museum and Sciencentre (QM&S). At the Southbank campus, Quentin the Quoll is lending a paw to show one of the new teachers in residence a thing or two. My name is Narinda Sandry and … Continue reading

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