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Transit of Venus Coming Soon (6th June 2012)

Do you want to engage your students in a spectacular event that they will never again see in their lifetime? If so , then get planning for the transit of Venus. Australia is ideally located for viewing this event, since the … Continue reading

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The First Laptop Computer

With the rollout of laptops for high school students in QLD schools and the previous ‘Computers for Teachers’ program, I thought I’d take a look at the first “laptop” computer, the Toshiba T1000. In 1987 Toshiba released what is arguably the … Continue reading

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New Quoll on the block!

  2012 brings some new faces to Queensland Museum and Sciencentre (QM&S). At the Southbank campus, Quentin the Quoll is lending a paw to show one of the new teachers in residence a thing or two. My name is Narinda Sandry and … Continue reading

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Science Quotes in the Classroom and an Introduction

“We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them.” That quotation is attributed to the philosopher Jean Jacques Rosseau. But why stop at giving students a taste—can we get them drooling over science? Well, at … Continue reading

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