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Vapour Trails

I have some good news, as well as sad tidings, for our regular QMTS readers; the 70 blogs written to date have received over 18,000 views since it was launched in June 2011.  There are hundreds of science blogs out … Continue reading

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New Explore-a-saurus Dinosaur Exhibition is Now Open

A new dinosaur exhibition is open to the public at Queensland Museum and Sciencentre. Explore-a-saurus has taken the place of the successful Mummy exhibition on level 2 at Queensland Museum and Sciencentre. The Learning Services team thought that teachers who read … Continue reading

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Message Sticks: rich ways of weaving Aboriginal cultures into the Australian Curriculum

In terms of classroom learning and the Australian Curriculum, the exploration of message sticks brings together history, science, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, literacy and art. Coupled with a trip to a museum and contact with a … Continue reading

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Conservation Matters: is the glass half full or half empty?

I shared some ideas in an earlier blog about how to “Teach kids to be scientifically discriminative”. This blog builds upon the idea of discussing contemporary conservation issues coupled with scientific solutions, acknowledging our influential position as teachers and parents in helping … Continue reading

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New Resources to Support Sustainability Education

Sustainability is a cross-curriculum priority of the Australian Curriculum. Sustainability addresses the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life. The AC website states that: “Education for sustainability develops the knowledge, skills, values and world views necessary for people to … Continue reading

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Reduce Reuse and Rethink: New QM Resource

                                                        Recycling and the Australian Curriculum Teaching is characteristically a time poor occupation and no more so than in the modern classroom. In our efforts to deliver the entire curriculum (in a perfect classroom with well-behaved children who attend school … Continue reading

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It’s Taxon Time

The “Zoo Animals” went into the tin with the blue lid, while my “Farm Animals” went in the tin with the green lid. The animal kingdom, as I knew it, lived under my bed in Streets ice-cream tins. All were classified, … Continue reading

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