“Going Places” – Physics on show at QM Sciencentre

A new exhibition has arrived called “Going Places” at Queensland Museum & Sciencentre. This interactive exhibition is all about travel on the sea, in the air and over the land.  It is also a fantastic hands on demonstration of the science of physics at work. Some of the hands on and whole body on exhibits include:

Hoverdisk – Hop on board a hoverdisk and float across the floor. Learn about how the cushion of air allows hovercraft to travel across roads, sands, water and more.

Rock the Boat – Packing a cargo ship is not easy. Visitors will attempt to prevent capsize while loading blocks onto a ship. Factor in centre of gravity, buoyancy and packing arrangements and get ready for some hilarious results!

Shifting Steel – Did you know that same principles of moving people can also be used to move heavy objects? See if you can shift our heavy weight on nothing but air.

Recumbent Racer – Which is best: recumbent or racer? Race a friend to find out which type of bicycle travels fastest up and down hills and how professional cyclists reduce their aerodynamic profile to get the fastest times.

Land Yacht – Sailing is not just for the seas. Try your luck at sailing a land yacht against perilous winds. Travelling downwind is easy – but can you sail into the wind? You will need to use angles and of course, ingenuity.

These examples are just some of over 20 stations that make up the Going Places exhibition now open at Queensland Museum & Sciencentre. 

Your entry fee also covers the regular Sciencentre exhibits in the Body Zone and Action Stations.

Prices: Adult: $13.00 Concession/Full-time Student: $11.00 Child (3-15) (must be accompanied by an adult 18+) $10.00  Family: (2 Adults/Concessions & up to 4 Children) $40.00 Groups: 10+ and School Groups $8 Tickets sold until 4.00pm

For more information visit http://www.sciencentre.qm.qld.gov.au/

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One Response to “Going Places” – Physics on show at QM Sciencentre

  1. Ray Bricknell says:

    Sounds like a fantastic exhibit – well done Paul!

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