Adriana Bauer says Goodbye!

Adriana Bauer, Senior Project Officer (Biodiversity)

My contract at Queensland Museum ends today. For the last three years and four months I have been working in the Strategic Learning section of Queensland Museum. During this time, my colleagues and I have produced online learning resources such as mini-websites (what we call microsites), lots of educational PDFs, QM Loans kits, and delivered professional development to a wide teacher network.

 Next year, QM will host the exciting Mummies: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition from 19th April – 19th August, so go to our QM website to find out how to book and pay for your tickets online.

In addition, an exciting exhibition that will appeal to lots of teachers and students will arrive in our Sciencentre. Stay tuned to our website for more details in January.

For teachers who may not have read some of my previous posts, I encourage you to read some of the following:

 Our Learning Resources are listed alphabetically and comprise approximately 30 pages, with 10 resources listed per page. To navigate from page to page, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and then select the next page for viewing. You can also do searches for topic, category, and year level. The Learning Resources section is being re-configured over the next few months. The resources have been reviewed and will be grouped into the appropriate year levels as per the new Australian curricula.

If you have any questions or queries about our learning resources then please contact David Milne, Manager of Strategic Learning, via his email address of  or Paul Brandon, Senior Project Officer (Primary Science) on

I have enjoyed my time here at Queensland Museum and wish all teachers a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with family and friends.

Kind regards

Adriana Bauer

About Adriana Bauer

I am a Senior Project Officer (Biodiversity) in the Strategic Learning section of the Queensland Museum. I have been working here since August 2008 but before then, I was teaching in secondary schools in Brisbane. My subject areas include Biology, Junior Science, and Junior and Senior Mathematics. Since working at the museum, I have been involved in developing online learning resources, QM Loans kits, updating our Inquiry Centre Fact Sheets, delivering professional development for teachers, and writing educational resources that support the new Australian Science Curriculum. I have a passion and interest in biodiversity and did my academic studies at the University of Queensland where I obtained a B.Sc, B.A, and Dip. Ed.
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  1. Meg says:

    Happy Retirement!

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