Invasive Reptiles

Dr Andrew Amey is the Collection Manager of Amphibians and Reptiles at Queensland Museum (QM). He is responsible for the registration of new specimens, caring for the collection, and allowing access by researchers and members of the public. 

Dr Andrew Amey

Andrew has been investigating the biology, ecology and distribution of the invasive pest species, the Asian House Gecko and the Red-eared Slider turtle.

Red-eared Slider Turtle

The Asian House Gecko is a tropical species that breeds during the whole year in its native environment. In Brisbane it has adapted its breeding cycles to fit our much colder and seasonal climate. Now it breeds from September to March and seems very at home in the urban environment.

To date, there is no conclusive proof that this foreign species has displaced native geckos. Native geckos tend to live in non-urban, bush settings and so they occupy a different niche to the Asian House Gecko. Future studies will determine if there is any overlap or competition between these species. Learn more about the Asian House Gecko.

Asian House Gecko

Queensland Museum’s 12 month community science project to map where people have spotted Asian House Geckos in their homes is now complete. More than 4,000 people participated in the project. Learn more about this Gecko Survey on QM’s website.

Andrew’s research interests also include the biology of dragon lizards and taxonomy of skinks. To learn more about Andrew’s work, visit his Biography Page.

You can learn more about Reptiles and Frogs too and there are many relevant Facts Sheets in QM’s Learning Resources section. Here you can learn about: Asian House Geckos; Bearded and Water Dragons; Blue and Pink-tongued Skinks; Burton’s Snake Lizard; Cane Toads; Crowned Snakes; Dragons in Brisbane; Frogs in the Garden; Keelback Snakes; Pythons in Brisbane; Tree Snakes; Verreaux’s Skink; and Whip and Marsh Snakes. (Just scroll down the page and across the pages to find these).

Some of these Facts Sheets are being re-vamped with newer colour images and these will be up on QM’s website before the end of the year.)

About Adriana Bauer

I am a Senior Project Officer (Biodiversity) in the Strategic Learning section of the Queensland Museum. I have been working here since August 2008 but before then, I was teaching in secondary schools in Brisbane. My subject areas include Biology, Junior Science, and Junior and Senior Mathematics. Since working at the museum, I have been involved in developing online learning resources, QM Loans kits, updating our Inquiry Centre Fact Sheets, delivering professional development for teachers, and writing educational resources that support the new Australian Science Curriculum. I have a passion and interest in biodiversity and did my academic studies at the University of Queensland where I obtained a B.Sc, B.A, and Dip. Ed.
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