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Butterflies from the Dodd Collection

Welcome to “Queensland Museum Talks Science” (QMTS). The blog is designed primarily for primary and secondary teachers who are interested in making science lessons exciting and engaging for students. It is written by a team of primary and secondary science teachers who have been seconded from Education Queensland to work at the museum.  There will be guest-writers too. The teachers-in-residence work with curators, collection managers, web-media, public programs staff and many others.  It’s a really interesting job!

There is a wealth of learning resources available from the Queensland Museum (QM), including science curriculum kits and tailored websites, which teachers and students can access. Curriculum kits can be borrowed from Queensland Museum Loans – there are about 5,000 individual items and kits available to borrow.  Loans are available free for regional state schools and for a modest subscription for schools within Brisbane.  New museum learning resources are directly linked to the Australian Curriculum and you will hear more about these later.

The QMTS blog should also interest parents and the general public as science programs are explained and unusual ‘behind the scenes’ objects and artefacts are revealed. You might be interested in having a sneak peek at these museum expert videos. One of our roving reporters will be finding rare or unusual objects in the museum vaults and sharing their finds with you. 

Interviews with QM biodiversity and geosciences curators will also be held and we’ll let you know what these museum experts are currently researching.  Museum entomologists are currently absorbing a collection of insects from the University of Queensland into their existing collection. The fantastic photo above is taken from an insect drawer from the famous Dodd collection.

Last, but not least, the QMTS blog will flag news of new exhibitions that science teachers may find of interest for their students. So watch this space and we hope you enjoy this insight into science happenings at the museum.

About David Milne

David is an international educator with thirty-five years experience of professional and strategic development, managing change and evaluating effective practice in different education and cultural sectors. David worked at the Queensland Museum (QM) for 7 years. He led the Strategic Learning team who developed many award-winning web-based learning resources and education kits. David was formerly a member of the academic staff at the University of Queensland, an international school principal and an education consultant. He is currently a freelance writer and researcher.
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